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About Me:


My name is Karen Silveira-Callahan and I am an interior decorator and full-of-joy ("aka joyfull") space creator! I have been down many paths in life that have all ultimately led me to becoming an interior decorator and the next natural step of helping clients transform their own living spaces! 


I am passionate about creating spaces that inspire delight, serenity and harmony!  I believe the spaces we live in have the potential to invigorate or drain us by transcending everyday energy.  I would describe my style as varied and eclectic as my process doesn't start with me but rather the client and space! 


A little extra about myself, I am a mom to 2 beautiful girls and live in beautiful Old Town Harrisonburg, Virginia. If I'm not here in town you'll probably find me antiquing or looking at old houses!

​In joy and gratitude,

- Karen Silveira-Callahan 


To create joyful spaces through design


To bring clients joy by creating spaces which inspire energy, function, and harmony through the use of color, staging and decor.  



  • Function: the goal of every project is to provide a space that is not only pretty and inspirational, but functional. 

  • Harmony: to provide visual harmony within a space as well as internal harmony within each person who enters  the space to allow for conscious or unconscious relaxation. 

  • Joyfullness: the hope that each person entering the space feels an intense momentary experience of positive emotion, with a smile, a laugh, or a sigh of relief. 

  • Affordability: well designed joyful spaces do not have to be expensive. We will work with any client on any budget to ensure their space brings them the joy. 


The Process:

  • Potential clients sign up for a 30 minute virtual exploration call. We discuss generalities, like the space and the scope of the project and which package may fit your needs. 

  • After our call, I start all clients with a small survey  by Ingrid Fetell Lee to give me an idea of the psychology behind what gives each individual "joy". Hint we are not all the same! 

  • From there we will meet in person to look at the space and the natural energy and light that comes from it! Every space is different, has been lived in differently and loved differently.  At that meeting I will take notes and measurements and we will discuss clients desires for the space.

  • Follow up will depend on project's scope and priorities. 

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